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Whether you have lived in your current home for many years or you’ve just moved into your first house ever, there are some things about a home’s plumbing system that every homeowner should know.

Although there is no way to avoid a plumbing emergency altogether, some essential plumbing tips can help keep your plumbing system running efficiently and lower your chances of having one occur.

  • Grease and Oil
    • Grease and oil going down your drain will cause build-up over time and can be a costly repair. We suggest that you wait for the grease or oil to solidify before throwing it away in the trash or compost bin or you will need our plumbing services in LA like a good drain cleaning.
  • Strainer
    • To avoid icky hair and soap residue in your shower or sink pipes, consider a basket strainer to catch and dispose of the unwanted residue and to help prevent clogging your drains or you can call us for a drain cleaning service in LA.
  • Flushing down
    • The common phrase “Watch what you flush” is a fact. Flushing items other than toilet paper and bodily waste like feminine hygiene products, cotton balls, and pet fish (Rest In Poop, Goldy) can lead to your toilet clogging more frequently. 
  • Water Valve
    • Ensuring your main water valve is can help you in serious situations like if a pipe bursts. It will help reduce significant water damage until help comes. Another common valve is your toilet’s flush valve seal. This valve keeps the water in the toilet’s tank and not in the toilet’s bowl. To test if this valve leaks, put food coloring in the tank and wait a few hours. If some color has transferred into the bowl, you have a leak. This test can help reduce serious problems down the road and save you some money on your water bill.
  • Main Sewer Drain
    • Knowing where your main sewer drain is can help make any problems such as a sewage line blockage easy to access and make our job more efficient. Your drain access point should be uncovered by any unnecessary items like rugs or carpets and easy to get to, like unwanted mazes from holiday decorations or old house items. If you are searching the best plumbing services in LA contact us, we are experts in drain cleaning in LA.
  • Chemical Drain Cleaners
    • Chemical drain cleaners are advertised to help clear up drains quickly and effectively, but they do more harm than good. If you are looking for an alternative, look for natural bacteria that can help dissolve organic matter within your pipes or easier you can call us for a plumbing services in LA, for example a drain cleaning in LA.
  • Separate Shut Off Valves
    • When it’s time to have plumbing work, the thought of not having water goes through everyone’s mind. To help fix this, you can install different shut-off valves for your fixtures. So, if you need work in your kitchen, you can still use your bathroom.
  • Taps/hose bibbs life
    • We often turn the handle as far as possible when we use the tap so we do not hear the faucet drip. Doing this will wear out the lifespan of the tap due to the increased pressure when we tighten the tap each time. It’s best to turn the tap until you feel a natural stop to help prolong the life span of your tap.
  • Water Heater Preventive Maintenance
    • You may not be aware, but sediment can form in the bottom of your water heater. If your water source is coming from a well, the sediment is often composed of sand and other debris that comes up through the water lines. If your water comes through a municipal source, in that case, it can cause mineral build-up, such as calcium carbonate, drawn out of the water and later settle at the bottom of the water heater when the water is heated at higher temperatures. If your water heater is over 12-15 years old, it’s about a good time to replace it with our plumbing services in LA.
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