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Leak detection can be a complicated task when it means recognizing specific characteristics that tell us about the nature and complexity of the leak.

If you smell gas, and can’t find the source, immediate assistance is required. When a problem involving a gas leak arises it is critical that you get it checked out by a professional.
From installing new gas lines to detecting and repairing existing gas leaks, our licensed plumbers are available 24-hours a day to make sure your gas pipe repairs are completed safely so you and your family can rest easy.

If your gas company turned off your gas and told you to call a licensed plumbing contractor, Nolasco plumbing can help. Gas lines are an essential part of your home or business, but they can be very dangerous.

Does your house have a leak?

Leaks in one of the water lines running underneath a building’s concrete foundation are referred to as slab leaks. They pose a complicated and expensive threat to your home and its water lines. Locating the source of a slab leak can be a challenging experience, however, the experienced and licensed plumbers at Nolasco plumbing can properly detect your leak and repair your pipe.
There are different types of water leaks such as: Invisible or silent leaks:
  • Invisible or silent leaks: These types of leaks can occur between walls or floors and may go unnoticed.
  • High volume or noisy leaks:  These types of leaks can bring us many complications if they are not repaired promptly and effectively. If they are not repaired in time, we may have puddles or severe flooding that affect the furniture or objects in the problem area.

They can be recognized because they emit a loud sound due to the amount of water they carry.

  • Visible moisture leaks: There are leaks that are easier to detect by the presence of moisture or stains in the area, usually on the ceiling or walls and are green in color.  We can also identify them by the change in the surfaces, bulges, reliefs or indentations that make that area more fragile and colder.

It is of vital importance to treat this type of leaks because they can imply a significant damage to the structure and increase the costs for the repair of the piping and construction materials.


While gas leaks can be classified as:

  • Severe gas leak: Where the intensity of the smell of rotten eggs will be very strong and you may have physical symptoms such as dizziness or nausea and the risk of explosion is very high.

Neither you nor your family members should re-enter the property until a team of professionals has inspected the home and repaired the gas leak.

  • Slight gas leak: When the gas odor will not be very strong and you should not be physically unwell. In any case, you should contact a specialist to repair the leak as soon as possible.

You can trust our experienced gas professionals to safely repair or replace your gas lines. At Nolasco Plumbing, your safety is our first concern.

Heating Central Gas Furnace Issue. Technician Trying To Fix the Problem with the Residential Heating Equipment.
We have the best technological equipment to diagnose this type of leaks in a short time and repair them as soon as possible. As plumbing professionals, we have the tools and knowledge from years of experience to identify and deal with a variety of water and gas leaks so you can have the confidence to contact us and we'll be happy to help you.

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