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What is a Sewer Camera Inspection?

Sewer camera inspections involve a small waterproof video camera mounted on the end of a flexible cable. This camera snake is inserted into the sewage system and pushed through the pipeline in order to do a visual inspection. These cameras can be used in underground pipes as well as pipes encased in concrete, located behind walls, or beneath your home’s foundation.

As long as there is access to the pipe, a sewer camera can be used to inspect the pipeline.
We use camera systems to quickly and accurately diagnose any issues inside your sewer pipes, taking the guess work out of diagnosing issues as well as catching any minor issues before they become expensive problems.

When to Use a Sewer Camera Inspection

Sewer camera inspections are a quick and easy way to determine the health of your plumbing systems and detect issues early before they become expensive repairs.

That being said, there are two situations where sewer camera inspections can be especially helpful:

Older Homes
Most houses over 20 years old are at risk of having issues with the sewage system.

If you are looking to renovate your home, or if you are buying a new home, a sewer camera inspection is recommended to ensure that the sewer piping is up to code and to eliminate any future and costly issues.

Benefits of Video Camera Inspection

Time and costs savings:
Without cameras for inspection, the only way to find plumbing problems is to break up walls or dig underground.
More efficient repairs:
We can check aging sewer lines, which enables us to see early signs of corrosion and deterioration and prevent the need for major repairs later.
Clog and obstruction locating:
When we see a clog, we can decide on the best way to clear it or break it up.
Real-time mapping of sewer lines:
If you are planning renovations or construction, we can use our sewer camera inspection system to measure pipe lengths and other specifications, tracing your sewer lines to identify exactly where they are.
Inspection of new homes:
We can help meet regulatory requirements for inspections or check plumbing and sewer lines before you move into a new home. Therefore, you can know exactly what problems if any are lying hidden on the property.
Our trained technicians employ the latest sewer video inspection equipment to protect your plumbing and safety.

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